Famous for its street of Prosecco wines, Conegliano is a little elegant town with its antique storical centre and its wavy landscapes which jealous take care of his golden vineyards of Prosecco, the peculiar vine made on this hills.

Conegliano is a unique and one-shot town was called "Pearl of the Veneto" in the past and it is still today one of the most beautiful citizen in Italy, full of history, art and natural beauty, positioned on the Giano's hills layer where there is the beautiful castle.


Conegliano is also famous in Italy and in the world for the fame of its painter GIAN BATTISTA CIMA (1459 -1518),

Together with the first wine-school rise in Italy (founded in 1876) and for the Prosecco D.O.C. of its hills.

Nowadays, Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is undoubtedly the most important white wine produced in Italy. It is instantly recognisable for its pale straw-yellow coloring and fruitiness on the nose and palate. At its best, the bouquet is also reminiscent of apples, but everything rests on the age of the wine itself - it should be drunk as young as possible.